CJIS Compliant Real Time Data Aggregation and Intelligence Sharing

About Geoshield

GeoShield is the pre-eminent Public Safety platform for leveraging spatial technologies in real time crime analysis and intelligence led policing, designed by law enforcement professionals, for use by law enforcement professionals. It holds a mission module, you can easily extend the mission to include major tasks such as corrections, emergency management, tips and hints, or critical infrastructure protection. Several of our agencies also utilize the platform for functional tasks such as tracking evidence such as latent fingerprints, managing extra patrol requests or monitoring individuals who have been given trespass notices to individual or public spaces.

GeoShield is an open program designed to operate with your existing technology. No need to upgrade your CAD, RMS, or wireless network, pick and choose the desired which GeoShield bring new capabilities online (e.g. automated license plate readers or social media monitoring platforms) you can even add additional GeoShield integration modules to bring the new systems together with your existing data sources and workflows.


GeoShield Law Enforcement Mission integrates the resources from your existing information ecosystem to arm the agency’s officers with tools to equip them with live feeds, direct records management system information and crime incident management.

Real Time Data Analysis

  • License Plate Readers
  • Records Management System
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Computer Aided Dispatch

Integrated Social Media Tools

  • 3rd Party Social Media Providers
  • Location Based Results
  • Keyword Search

Specialized Workflow

  • Spatial Filtering and Correlation Analysis
  • Command Dashboard
  • Incident Planning
  • Crime Mapping


The GeoShield Crime Analysis Mission is designed to unlock the hidden ability of systems within your agency and provide powerful information for every officer and staff member to understand trends and crime fluctuations.


  • Core Implementation
  • Situational Awareness
  • Trend Analysis


  • Analyze Real-Time Incidents
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Dynamic Hotspot Monitoring


  • Crime Specific Trends
  • Overall Trend Identification
  • Hotspot Mapping


GeoShield Insight Mission is a secure “Home Page” where every member of your agency can create, share, and store information and intelligence in real time.

Agency Home Page

  • Gain valuable Insight
  • View and publish Bulletins
  • Create agency wide Alerts

Crime Bulletins

  • Increase Awareness
  • User Collaboration
  • Crime Updates

Wanted List

  • Wanted List Highlights
  • Current Crime Trend Updates
  • Offender Bulletins


The GeoShield Corrections Mission provides a map based view of the facility designed to increase officer and inmate safety, and improve overall productivity and operational accountability

Inmate Safety

  • Share Information
  • Store Information
  • Create Alerts

Analyze Trends

  • Inmate Visitor Logs
  • Inmate associations
  • Crime Updates

Support Investigations

  • Command Dashboard
  • Track Inmate Activities
  • Operational Workflows
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