Map Platform for the Enterprise

Enterprise Map Platform

An Enterprise-wide Map Platform is integrated through the entire organization so that the users distributed across locations, business units and teams can use, manage and share spatial data and related information to address their specific needs leveraging a standard mapping infrastructure. CyberTech helps organizations to evaluate, choose and implement the most appropriate Enterprise Mapping Platform that is capable of :

  • Supporting a large number of simultaneous transactions
  • Integration with other Enterprise Systems (SAP, Billing, etc.)
  • Complying with OGC standards, ensuring smooth inter - operability
  • Seamless access over Web, Desktop and Mobile
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Geospatial Assessment

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CyberTech offers Assessment Services to identify the customer’s requirement for a GIS system solution within the organization. Technology alone doesn't guarantee better decisions in organization. CyberTech provides needs assessment services to ensure that implementing GIS technology solves the current problems and accommodate future needs thereby enabling our customer’s to take informed decisions.

CyberTech can help you optimize your investments by creating a framework incorporating GIS solutions meeting your present and forecasted business needs. Our assessment services can help enterprises in assessing integration opportunities between GIS and enterprise applications like SAP to leverage the strength of existing business data using the power of GIS.

Our assessment services helps in two ways:

  • For organizations that have not been able to make a decision on implementing GIS, it helps in determining the benefits a GIS would make to their business.
  • For organizations that have realized the potential benefits of GIS, assessment services assist in creating an organization wide GIS implementation plan.

Geospatial Development

Geospatial software development is a competitive business that requires rapid evolution of a GIS software application / product, satisfying a given business need. Significant constraints are imposed by acute shortage of trained GIS software professionals. Unlike other domains, teams working on GIS software development must have a basic awareness of GIS paradigm in addition to core GIS software skills.

As CyberTech works closely with ESRI on its product development, testing and support, our professionals are always on top of latest ESRI technologies, and can help you to consistently be the first one to hit the market with products compatible with the latest ESRI product versions.

CyberTech Offers The Following Key Services To Spatial Product Companies:

  • Business Analysis and Primary Architecting
  • Application Testing
  • Application Development

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Mapping Integration

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Modern applications must coexist and function with other applications. Integration of spatial platforms, especially with enterprise applications is a decisive component for the success of any modern project.

Leveraging our expertise in SAP and Mapping domain, we have further extended our EAI offerings to enhance ERP applications by integrating them with GIS. CyberTech is one of the front-runners in integration of GIS with Enterprise IT Systems, and has expertise on various integrations, with SAP / GIS applications as the front-end, two-way integrations and integrations using different middleware.

Some key examples are

  • Bridging ArcIMS and Business Objects WebIntelligence
  • Deploying web application to complex enterprise wide integration of SAP and ArcIMS
  • ArcPAD, GPS integration for maintenance and management of work order/assets
  • Siebel-ESRI integration using Custom Connectors

Spatial Data Management

For any GIS task, the basic requirement is to have maps and geographical data. Most maps available today are paper based hard copies. Creating new GIS data from existing sources such as scanned paper maps, satellite images, etc. with the tending of the techniques, tools & skills is concerned to spatial data production. Typical GIS data production includes digitization and georeferencing services among others. The first step is to convert the paper maps to digital format through a digitization process. The essential and important point with mapping is registering a map with the correct real world coordinates. If the maps are not georeferenced, no other information can be displayed or positioned over the map coverage.

Accuracy of GIS data are essential for successful implementation of GIS in any system. CyberTech can help enterprises with GIS data production. CyberTech can rapidly and accurately record and convert hard copy maps of all types to any digital GIS file format.

CyberTech Offers Quality GIS Data Production Services Including:

  • Cartographic Design
  • Geodatabase design and development
  • Data Conversion from diverse sources
  • Georeferencing / Geocoding
  • Thematic Mapping
  • Report Generation
  • Image Registration
  • Mosaicing
  • Digitization

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