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Geospatial Data Management Solutions

It is an Integrated suite of data architecture, integration and management services to help you derive real intelligence from geospatial data.

CyberTech’s comprehensive suite of offshore Geospatial Data Management Services helps your organization unleash the vast intelligence residing in geographic data. Our solutions leverage cutting-edge geospatial technology expertise and extensive knowledge of industry best practices that guarantee significant cost, quality and delivery benefits.

We enable you to quickly create, convert and integrate geographic data across a varied range of source systems such as topographic maps, CAD drawings, satellite images, aerial photographs and field surveys. Our consultants have decades of experience in managing complex conversion projects, standardizing heterogeneous geospatial data sources, and developing enterprise data warehousing and reporting solutions.

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CyberTech offers a range of services that are customized to your organization’s geo-intelligence needs. Key components of our Geospatial Data Management Solutions include

Geographic data creation and aggregation

CyberTech helps in identifying, creating, sourcing and aggregating appropriate data sets to meet your organization’s specific business requirements. Along with end-to-end cadastral and professional mapping and ground truth survey solutions, we have extensive expertise in satellite image interpretation and processing, and advanced 3D services such as photogrammetric services, digital elevation and digital terrain modeling. Our solutions are backed by extensive experience in a wide variety of mapping services, across all major industries.

Data conversion and migration

We help you get your spatial data in the exact format and structure that you need, and that too in minimum time. Our data conversion and standardization services span multiple formats including both non-spatial and spatial data such as raster and vector formats. With unmatched knowledge on geo-enabled applications along with reading and writing support for hundreds of formats and data types, we accelerate your data conversion, standardization and integration initiatives.

Data correction and quality improvement

Organizational data is often characterized by inaccuracies and errors that impact system efficiency and quality of analytics. CyberTech uses a structured, tool-based approach to data validation, refinement and quality improvement. Data correction processes are integrated at every stage of the data management cycle, for accelerated error identification and rectification.

Geospatial database design and implementation

Our geospatial Database services help you better utilize state of the art technology to create more efficient and intelligent geospatial databases. We design tailor-made, multi-user spatial database that deliver a unified, accurate view of organization-wide geographic data, thus building an effective Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS). In addition, we have proven expertise in integrating geospatial databases with your other enterprise applications for seamless data exchange.

Geospatial data mining, analytics and reporting

The efficacy of any geospatial data architecture relies heavily on its ability to provide all relevant stakeholders with meaningful access to data and analytics. CyberTech offers a wide range of geo-processing services and multi-criteria analytics to help your organization derive comprehensive, actionable intelligence and unlock the true value of your spatial information.

Geospatial data maintenance

How you organize, maintain and control your data resources can determine the success of your business operations. Our geospatial data maintenance services are designed to significantly improve display performance and efficiently capture change over time through continuous data modification, update and incremental data loading services. Our solutions incorporate both, with and without version maintenance strategies, to efficiently support simple as well as complex data transactions.

Key Benefits

  • Global delivery model, backed by CyberTech’s dedicated, offshore Geospatial Data Management Center
  • Right expertise and experience to help you streamline your processes, thus increasing efficiency and improving your bottom-line
  • Stringent quality control processes at every stage to ensure best-in-class quality standards which will reduce data management costs
  • Well-trained, sizeable workforce to ensure quick delivery with minimum turnaround time
  • End-to-end process management, thus giving decision makers more time to focus on core, strategic activities
  • Tailor-made services to satisfy individual customer needs, as against out of the box, cookie-cutter approach
  • Large pool of geospatial consultants providing expert, continuous customer support, both online as well as offline
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