When was CyberTech formed and what is its corporate history?
CyberTech was incorporated in the year 1990, focused on providing software consultancy and delivering business IT solutions to organizations. The company is dedicated to customer care, delivering high-quality and cost-effective Information Technology services; thus resulting in lasting relationships. CyberTech was the fastest growing privately held Systems Integration and Software Services Company in the U.S.A. in 1999 (based on the ratings published annually by "Inc." magazine.)
What is the business structure of CyberTech?
CyberTech's expertise lies in the following areas
  • SAP
    Packaged enterprise solution practices that focus on the ERP, CRM, and SCM functional areas, leveraging packaged products such as SAP and Siebel.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
    GIS practices are centered on ESRI Technology and focus on leveraging GIS technology, by bringing in visual representation of data to assist users in their tasks.
  • Custom Solutions
    Custom solutions practices offer solutions in the areas of software application development, maintenance, support, modernization and migration using Microsoft™, Java™, and Oracle™.

What exchanges do CyberTech shares trade on?
Shares of CyberTech are listed in India.
How do I contact CyberTech?
For Financial Information on CyberTech, please contact:
  • Corporate Office
    CyberTech Systems and Software Ltd
    B-65, CyberTech House
    J. B. Sawant Marg, Thane
    Maharashtra, India
    Tel: +91 - 22 - 25834643
    Fax: +91 - 22 - 25832574

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